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Five Reasons Escape Rooms Are a Great Team Building Activity

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Escape rooms have become increasingly popular in recent years, and why wouldn’t they? Solving puzzles in a real-life immersive game is something anyone can enjoy. An escape game is like a movie in which you and your group are the main characters, and you have to solve fun and challenging puzzles along the way. But escape rooms are not only a fun thing to do as a group, but also an excellent activity to foster skills that are essential to any team. Success in an escape room relies heavily on effective communication, collaboration, and lots of creativity - all skills that are highly beneficial for any group of people working together, from sports to corporate teams.

Do you want to learn more about escape rooms as a team building activity? See below for five ways that an escape room can benefit your team.

Portsmouth Escape Room Corporate Team Building
A Corporate Team Building Event at Portsmouth Escape Room

1. Learn to Communicate Effectively with Others

Communication among team members is key in order to complete your goal in an escape room.

Whether that goal is to find a priceless necklace or escape from a serial killer's lair, effective communication among teammates can make or break this experience! Communicating with your team is important not only to ensure that all ideas are being implemented, but also that you’re not wasting your time on things that someone else in your team already tried and proved unsuccessful. You can save a lot of time by learning how your team members communicate under pressure and discovering the most effective ways of getting things done.

2. Identify Team Roles and Personalities

This type of team-building environment allows people to step into certain roles that they may not normally be in. Office members who might normally be introverted and reserved can excel in an escape room and turn into the fearless leader of the group. Other team members might prefer to be in a role where they keep track of what puzzles have and have not been solved, ensuring communication and coordination among the players. This team-building experience can be helpful in identifying what kinds of roles people might shine in outside of their typical roles at work, and it can also show you a side of their personality you may not have seen previously.

3. Develop Time Management Skills

As soon as you start an escape room game, the pressure is on! Teams generally have an hour to solve all of the puzzles in a room and complete their mission... and every minute counts! While having to complete this many tasks in a short period of time would usually be stressful, an escape room is a fun (and safe) environment to work on your group’s time management skills. Whether your goal is to complete a presentation by the end of the week or escape a room in 60 minutes or less, time management is critical to any group’s success!

4. Collaborate to Ensure Success

Collaboration among all members of a group is key regardless of what situation you find yourself in! Escape rooms are built on the idea of teamwork and only those groups that are able to work together effectively will complete their goals. Like any project, there are different ways to conquer an escape room and finding effective ways to collaborate and get things done together is key to the success for any group. Playing an escape room with your co-workers is a low-risk way of practicing how to work better as team.

5. Use Creative Solutions to Solve Problems

Creativity and problem-solving are the foundation for escape rooms. Escape rooms offer a fun and engaging way for teams to think about creative solutions to problems they encounter during their game! Team members who have (seemingly) wild ideas might actually be on track to coming up with a solution for a puzzle. Solving puzzles found in escape rooms fosters creativity and encourages team members to feel confident about thinking outside the box. And who wouldn’t want their team to be more confident about their problem-solving skills?

If you have not played a escape room with your team yet, what are you waiting for? Any team can benefit from a escape room adventure! Give us a call to learn more, we look forward to hosting your next team building event.

If you'd like more information about escape rooms as a team building event, contact us through our team building form here.

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