Portsmouth Escape Room's games are original, fun and challenging with multiple paths and lots of puzzles suited for first time players and seasoned enthusiasts alike. Our escape rooms have been voted #1 Fun Thing to do in Portsmouth NH by TripAdvisor and Best Group Activity by Best of the Seacoast Awards. 

Escape Rooms are a fun group activity, excellent for both children and adult players. Use your imagination to find hidden clues and solve puzzles in an immersive setting and escape the room! Spend quality time with friends and family at Portsmouth Escape Room, a live adventure game where you challenge your mind and work together to solve puzzles, a fun activity for all ages.

We are conveniently located in Downtown Portsmouth (West End area) and offer FREE parking to all Portsmouth Escape Room customers. We're open Friday, Saturday and Sunday (other days by request). 


Capacity: 2-10 players

Duration: 1hr

Difficulty: 8/10

Escape rate: 52%

Ian Westower, a recognized antiques collector and avid traveler has been kidnapped during his latest trip abroad. The kidnappers are after a very valuable necklace hidden within his study, and the only way they will let him go is in exchange for this precious piece of jewelry. 


The Westower family is offering a substantial reward to whomever can find the necklace in Westower's study and ensure his safe return. The catch: you only have 60 minutes to succeed.


Escape Room Cost: $30 per person (shared game)

$300 private game up to 10  participants (can accommodate 12 by request)



Capacity: 2-8 players

Duration: 1hr

Difficulty: 7/10

Escape Rate: 61%

In this steampunk inspired adventure, you will be working in a series of secret experiments left behind by your mentor, Dr. Prometheus. As the loyal assistant to this radical scientist, his legacy, and perhaps the greatest invention of all time, is in your hands.

His detractors are raiding the lab in exactly one hour. Can you figure out the clues, put his theories to practice and bring his final experiment to life before is too late?

Escape Room Cost: $30 per person (shared game)

$240 private game up to 8 participants (can accommodate 10 by request)


Capacity: 2-8 players

Duration: 1hr

Difficulty: 8/10

Escape Rate: 44%

It's July 1947 and all reporters in Roswell, including yourself, heard about the UFO crash. You are pretty sure the Air Force is hiding something, calling it a "weather balloon". Your contact in Roswell Air Force Base has given you access to a top secret area in the facility for you to find the truth about the incident.

You and a select group of reporters have infiltrated the base and have exactly one hour to find extraterrestrial life evidence before the guards are back.

Cost: $30 per person (shared game)

$240 private game up to 8 participants (can accommodate 10 by request)

Capacity: 2-6 players

Duration: 1hr

Difficulty: 6/10

Escape Rate: 68%

You just woke up in this room full of surgical tools, blood and body parts... It's dark, you have no idea what's going on, but you know it's not good... thankfully you are not alone. Can you and your group escape before the surgeon gets back? Your life depends on it.


Note: This room is dark and creepy - not recommended for children unless you book the whole room as a private game. This game features flickering lights.

Escape Room Cost: $30 per person (shared game)

$180 private game up to 6 participants (can accommodate 7 by request)


We come to you! Mobile escape games designed for special events such as off site conferences, weddings, parties, fairs, etc. The perfect team building activity, both fun and convenient! Available by request only, please contact us for more information.


Capacity: 10-100+ players

Duration: 1hr

Difficulty: 7/10

Escape Rate: 82%

Every year, the island inhabitants of Tohua Island celebrate their devotion to Tawhirimatea, the Tiki God of Weather, and his children, representing weather elements such as thunderstorms and rain. Unfortunately, this year all of Tawhirimatea's children have been locked up by an evil shaman and now there is a big storm forming over the island. The storm is threatening the festivities and we only have one hour to save the day! All of the villages have come together to work on finding Tawhirimatea’s children and the chiefs hope once the tikis are freed, the weather will clear and the festivities can begin.


It is up to you to locate, unlock, and return the tikis as soon as you can!

Escape Room Cost: $32 per person + $350 set up & travel fee

Minimum charge: 40 people


Capacity: 2-6 players

Duration: 10-15 mins

Difficulty: 7/10

Escape Rate: 68%

You and your group have been lost in the wilderness for almost a week before stumbling upon this abandoned campsite. You found a working radio, and signaled a distress call. Unfortunately, the rescue helicopter can’t reach the campsite, and they’ve told you to head for the nearby mountain summit in order to be rescued. Your only hope is to gather supplies from this abandoned camp, make it safely to the summit and signal the rescue chopper.


You only have ten minutes to find a rope, a flashlight, a headlamp, a first aid kit, and water.

Escape Room Cost: $300 per hour + $250 set up & travel fee

Minimum charge: 2 hours

Portsmouth Escape Room  |  95 Brewery Ln #13 Portsmouth, New Hampshire  |  603-380-9160

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