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2021 Holiday Promotion: 20% Off Gift Certificates!

If you are looking for a fun and unique gift, you came to the right place! Give the gift of adventure this year, an experience the whole family will cherish. During the month of December, enjoy 20% off gift vouchers with promo code 2021HOLIDAYS

Our electronic gift vouchers can be purchased online from the convenience of your home! You can design your own with a custom message, and then print at home or email to your recipient. Cannot print at home? No worries! You can purchase a certificate in-store, or purchase online and pick up later at our brick and mortar location.


Our gift voucher NEVER expire and can be used towards any game at any time in the future. Just select an amount, and the recipient will select a day and time when they are ready to use them, just like a store gift card!

Portsmouth Escape Room is a safe and clean activity during COVID times. All of our games are currently private (no playing with strangers!), sanitized before and after each game, and have HEPA, carbon and UV air filters that remove 99.999% of air pathogens.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 603-380-9160. We can help you purchase a voucher over the phone as well!

Note - you cannot retroactively apply a gift voucher to existing bookings.

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