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Escape Room Enthusiast Passport | The Perfect Gift for this Holiday Season!

Are you looking for the perfect gift to your escape room enthusiast friend? Perhaps to yourself? We have just the thing!

Our friends at Curious Escape Rooms have developed the ultimate Escape Room Passport, specially designed for enthusiasts. Collect unique stamps for every escape room you play! These are custom-made leatherette bound booklets of great quality. You can keep track of your games easily wherever you go, and you can't brag about your escape times if you don't keep track of them, right?. This is the perfect holiday gift for enthusiasts and newbies alike :)

We will have unique stamps for each room, including past rooms and we will honor previously played games as long as you can prove you've been here before!

These passports will be available in the next week or so, to be bought onsite - announcement to be made soon. Our first order (50 passports) will be available at the introductory price of $10, going up to $15 after that.

escape room passport photo

For a list of Participating Escape Room Businesses, check out:

Escape Room Passport Description:

  • Gold foil cover

  • Leatherette bound

  • Thick, ivory colored pages

  • Unique passport ID

  • Stamp boxes for up to 55 games.

  • Space for Completion Times and any additional notes on games.

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