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Portsmouth Escape Room | Our Story

Have you ever been super passionate about something? Well... this is how it all started! My name is Javi, and I am the owner and mastermind behind the Portsmouth Escape Room. With the help of my team, we make all this magic happen every day!

Portsmouth Escape Room - Team Building

Are you familiar with the escape-the-room games that were popular in the 90's and 2000's? They were point and click games where you were stuck in a room full of puzzles and in order to progress through the game you had to figure them all out. I always thought it would be the coolest thing to bring this type of games to real life... Like "Clue" meets scavenger hunts. So the idea would be to have these physical themed game rooms full of puzzles, and you would have to find clues, solve riddles and conundrums, and eventually unravel the mystery.

Without knowing this was even “a thing” yet, I starting investigating and working towards possibly opening one of these in NH, just to learn there already were real-life escape rooms all over the world! Perhaps my dream was not so crazy after all? At that point, there were no other escape rooms yet in NH, MA or ME... but once I heard others were opening in multiple states, I thought “Why not?”

After a year of research, game design, real estate searching, and building permits and zoning roadblocks, we opened our doors in April 2016. Since then, thousands of players have experienced some of the best escape games in New England (or at least that what we hear from some of our customers!). Our hundreds of 5 stars reviews speak for themselves, and our escape games appeal to first-timers and hardcore enthusiasts alike.

We started with one game, Westower's Study, in our Mirona Rd location as a proof concept. We quickly started working on our second game, the Sunrise Killer, once I learned people were really enjoying the concept and wanted to do more games! A year after we moved to a much larger location in the West End area of Portsmouth and we now have 4 games. We are currently working on our fifth game: The Merlin Trials (a medieval castle themed game).

Portsmouth Escape Room Games and Team Building

All of our games are designed and build in-house (we are not a franchise or similar) so you will not see our games anywhere else! Our team is passionate about providing the best escape experience and incredible customer service every-single-time. We want to ensure 100% of our teams have the best time when they visit, even those that perhaps are not into games or puzzles will find something fun to do at our escape room.

Whether you’re looking for a corporate team building event or just having fun with friends, our team is committed to making sure you have an unforgettable experience! Come check us out if you haven’t yet!!! :)

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